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Autism Ashram is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting individuals with autism and their families. They provide a range of services, including therapy, education, and vocational training, in a supportive and inclusive environment.

At the Autism Ashram, individuals with autism receive personalized care and attention to help them develop their skills, enhance their communication abilities, and improve their overall quality of life. The organization’s team of trained professionals, including therapists, educators, and support staff, work together to create a nurturing and empowering environment for individuals with autism.

In addition to providing direct services, Autism Ashram also conducts research and advocates for the rights and inclusion of individuals with autism in society. They strive to raise awareness about autism and promote acceptance and understanding within the community.

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Our Vision

VISION – Autism Ashram vision is to be a pioneer & leader in the field of Autism, connecting a full range of services for persons with Autism and their families. Our goal is to provide a lifetime continuum of services for children and adults in a transparent manner requiring on-going care and treatment for Autism spectrum condition and related development disabilities in a community based structured living. 

Our Mission

MISSION – Autism Ashram’s mission is to provide high quality home for individuals with Autism and its related development disabilities, so they may experience the satisfaction and fulfillment that accompany learning, self-expression, self-care, productive work, and interpersonal and community experiences. 

Kids with Dogs

Our Team

Once upon a time at Autism Ashram, a team of passionate and dedicated individuals came together to create a haven of support and empowerment for individuals with autism and their families.

Anil Kundra

Passionately leading Autism Ashram, Jamie focuses on creating a supportive and inclusive environment for individuals with autism and their families, drawing on their extensive experience in therapy and education.

Jyoti Kundra

Skillfully overseeing the technical aspects of Autism Ashram, Annie ensures the organization remains at the forefront of innovative approaches to therapy and vocational training, leveraging their expertise in technology and education.

Life At Ashram

At Autism Ashram, we’re not just a non-profit organization – we’re a family of dedicated professionals who go above and beyond to make a real difference in the lives of individuals with autism and their families.

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